Increase Staff retention by 40%

Wagestream is a unique solution that is proven to be the biggest single financial benefit you can give your employees. We’ve partnered with FindMyShift and offer a fully integrated financial wellness benefit at no cost to you.

Wagestream allows your employees complete control over when they get paid. It effectively ends the need for employee advances, loans and employee stress suffered from short term, unplanned financial obligations.

With full FindMyShift integration, the Wagestream app shows each of your employees the total amount they have earned, based on the hours they have worked, and allows them to instantly access that money, and send it directly into their current account.

At the next payroll, Wagestream just deducts any transfers from your employee's standard pay and the rest gets paid as usual.

Evidence from existing users shows a 40% increase in employee retention, a 10% increase in worker productivity and a 10× increase in job applicants when you advertise that you pay daily.

Wagestream supports all payments and the Wagestream platform costs you nothing, has no impact on your cashflow or normal payroll process, and can be integrated into your existing system within hours.

Wagestream is Not a loan: no interest, no penalties, just a flat fee of £1.75 paid by the employee to access money they have earnt, regardless of the amount.

Get in touch for more information to launch a pilot and say goodbye to employee financial stress.

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